VBM Tourniquet 11-15-550


With the choice of 3 cuffs, reusable and washable.

VBM Germany


Compressed Air Tourniquet 2x500, on mobile stand with basket: Dual channel, bloodless field, IV regional anesthesia and bilateral surgery.

Analogic gauges: calibrated and sealed to insure the exact reading every time. No need to calibrate before each use.

Two independent Precision pressure regulators: fast cuff inflation and deflation, very precise pressure regulation, limits pressure to max. 600mmHg, safety knob prevents accidental movement.

Flush button: to check for bleeding , to release drug slowly after IV regional anesthesia, to deflate in manual mode.

Color Coded Coil Tubing: built into tourniquet, leak proof, with positive locking connectors.

Manual Safety System: No battery needed, pressure is maintained during power failure, can be used at any time without power.

Timer:Digital count down timer with alarm.

Stand with basket: Very stable, easy patient transport, roomy storage for cuffs.

4 meter long pressure hose supplied with the Tourniquet.

With your choice of 3 cuffs, reusable and washable.

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