Repair and Maintenance

Trust Medicap Technical Team to help you plan your routine medical equipment and machine maintenance schedule. We offer calibration services, as well as regular machine upkeep procedures. Our technicians are skilled in working with medical equipment and machines, and they will spend the time to make sure your unit is running like clockwork.


Routine Machine Maintenance

Medicap Technical Team offers routine maintenance plans for all our devices. They perform the recommended maintenance procedures with efficiency. Technicians take the machine completely apart and put it back together, replacing any parts that show signs of wear. The unit is tested and re-calibrated (whenever needed) and tested for accuracy.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure your equipment will perform the way it needs to. Call (961) 1 24 25 26 today to speak with a qualified technician on the maintenance plan that is right for your facility.

One Supplier for Medical Equipment / Supplies and Repair Services

MEDICAP is not only a "one stop shop" for medical equipment and supplies, we offer a wide range of medical equipment services and repair options for the products in your facility. Whether you need installation and setup, equipment repairs, preventive maintenance, safety testing, or just to order parts, Medicap has you covered. We have a professional team of certified engineers on staff to meet the needs of demanding medical facility environments. Our goal is excellent service at competitive rates!

Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of care is worth a pound of cure! If you follow manufacturer recommendations for maintaining your equipment not only will you save money in the long run, you will have less downtime and fewer liability issues. Let Medicap helps by managing the preventive maintenance of key equipment. We will set up the schedules and allow you to focus on your practice and your patients.